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    October 30, 1980
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Narsis Askari

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ed online gamers ●jumped to 220 mi■llion in 2017 ◆from 170 million in ■2016.Another■ report, from mar○ket research◆er Niko Partner, ◆showed China◆’s e-■sports marke■t topped $1.26 bi○llion in 2017, while● the total prize mo●ney at Chinese t■ournaments wa◆s $64 million〓 — up fro〓m $51 million the 〓previous y●ear.Tencen●t’s Kin

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    fal◆l season final ●of the 2017 KP●L attracted over 11,●000 excited fans a◆t Shenzhen

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    Bay S●ports Center in Shen●zhen, Guangdon■g province, i◆n December.The ◆KPL&r

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4244 Finwood Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854

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  • ligence’s 201●7 C

    ●rsquo;s 2018 s○pring season kicke●d off in March, ●and with a new◆ competition format■ and an

  • hina Game In●dustry Report, r

    upgraded ve●rsion of Kin●g of Glory, org○anizers hop●e to attract even m■ore fans.&◆ldquo;A year befo◆re, nobody k〓new if the ■KPL can

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    go th●is far,” sai●d KPL Preside●nt Zhang

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    Yij◆ia, the general man〓ager of Tencen●t’s mobi

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    le e-●sports dep◆artment. &ldq■uo;But a year lat■er, we have w●itnessed th◆e growth o〓f the KPL from zero.◆ At the ver〓y beginning there ■were no spect◆ators. Then ther●e were 100. The○n

ached 20 billio■n y

  • uan ($3.19 b〓illion)

    1,000. No○w, we have heard◆ the roar of◆ over 10,000 spe●ctators chee●ring

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    for their her●oes at the ●stadium.&rdquo〓;China’s■ professional e〓-sports teams ■play at a much high●er level tha●n the universi■ty teams.QGhappy,● the team that com○pleted

  • erated 〓by gamers&rsq

    a clea○n sweep of KPL ■titles last year,● calls its sys○tem of cultivati●ng future champi○ons “The Sick●le”, and● it carefully m●anages its ■players, ev

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    en pr○oviding them with■ physicians■ and psychologists.〓Apart from clubs

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